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Bitcoin, being a digital currency accessed online, is naturally more of a fit for being used via websites than via actual stores. And indeed, there are many more options for spending your bitcoin online. Some large companies have gone all-in on blockchain, so they are set up for bitcoin purchases on their sites. Other places have tinkered with the idea, dipping their toes in the bitcoin waters to see if it can give them a larger base of consumers. Alternatively, you can sign up for an account with one of the many providers that now offer crypto debit or credit cards, such as Coinbase, BitPay and Binance.

How Does Bitcoin Work?

It is critical that you learn how to invest in Bitcoin responsibly before making any decisions. Be sure to diversify your investment portfolio to protect yourself from marketplace volatility. The most obvious Bitcoin investment strategy is purchasing standalone Bitcoin. Buying Bitcoin directly from an app like Coinbase allows investors to take “physical” ownership of the asset. That’s an important distinction to make, as Coinbase allows investors to actually buy Bitcoin and store it in their own encrypted wallets. In doing so, investors will simultaneously gain access to the asset’s price performance and use it as a currency to make subsequent transactions.

what can you buy with bitcoins

The transaction is fast and involves lower fees; some merchants charge as low as 1% for yacht transactions made with Bitcoin. In 2014, Overstock became one of the first big e-sellers to accept direct Bitcoin payments. It subsequently went on to develop a number of businesses related to blockchain. Sure, it’s not as convenient as simply paying at checkout, but if you’re on a low-fee platform likeCrypto.com, you might save a few percent on transaction fees by converting into USD first.

Give your home a facelift, make your office space fresh, and pay with Bitcoin. You can now use Bitcoin to buy furniture and home goods to improve your environment. If you’re on a shared network, like the one at your workplace, ask your network administrator to run a scan across the network to weed out any infections. Completing the CAPTCHA proves to us that you’re a human and gives you access to our platform. But Mr. Schulman is unsure he’d use his own Bitcoin to go shopping. One industry that’s been something of a pioneer in Bitcoin adoption is pornography.

Hold Bitcoin Long Term

You can use a software-based wallet on your desktop or online wallets that you can access from anywhere. Mobile wallets let you transfer and spend cryptocurrency from your phone. Another option is a hardware wallet, which is a USB device that stores your cryptocurrency keys electronically. While CEX.IO allows you to buy Bitcoin with a prepaid card buy Bitcoin with a prepaid card, it’s recommended that you only connect credit or debit cards to your Google Pay account.

However, please note that not all cryptocurrencies are available in your area. To buy a cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin, repeat step one for the CEX.IO mobile app, or step three for the Wallet app, and select the coin you decide to buy. Please note that while this guide focused on buying Bitcoin specifically, you can repeat this process to buy any cryptocurrency we have available on the CEX.IO exchange. Follow the links throughout this page to continue exploring CEX.IO’s products and services, and learn more about the bounty of digital assets available on the CEX.IO exchange. When the Burger King in Arnhem, Netherlands,went started accepting bitcoins in 2016, it went all-in, and offered one free Whopper for every Whopper purchased with the digital currency. While buying game-day tickets with bitcoin is not yet commonplace in all stadiums around the U.S., certain franchises have started to pave the way for its adoption.

Like the Mavericks, the A’s also have made tickets and merchandise purchasable with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is because of cryptocurrency’s peer-to-peer nature, which cuts costs for all parties involved in a transaction. Bitcoin offers a decentralized payment system where your information is not required. This implies that you can conduct your financial matters without anyone following you for various reasons. On the other hand, your wallet address can be used to trace you if you allow access to the information. Several companies and dealerships are collaborating with various crypto-allied companies to facilitate payments using Bitcoin or other virtual currencies.

  • BitPay partners with NameCheap, ExpressVPN, HOSTKEY, Nexusguard, and many other providers to give you the freedom of paying for your web services with crypto.
  • This is definitely the hardest of the strategies discussed and exposes investors to the most risk; however, it may also compound gains faster than those previously mentioned.
  • The first ever bitcoin transaction was for two pizzas, and PizzaForCoins.com was created a few years later.
  • Some large companies have gone all-in on blockchain, so they are set up for bitcoin purchases on their sites.
  • While BLOK may not give investors access to standalone Bitcoin, it does give them access to the companies which use blockchain and its transformational data-sharing technologies.
  • Crypto-savvy travelers with deeper pockets can now fly private thanks to companies like BitLux and flyExclusive, which recently started accepting bitcoin for purchasing private jet chartering.

Maecenas allows you to buy fractional shares of famous artwork as an investment using bitcoin. In 2019, it auctioned a 31.5% share of the Andy Warhol painting, 14 Small Electric Chairs, for $1.7 million. For buyers in the market for something less exotic, companies like AutoCoinCars resemble your run-of-the-mill used car dealership with plenty of modest offerings. Help.coinbase.com needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.


You can buy Bitcoin and Ethereum using the Instant Buy function on our app. All the crypto we store is regularly verified by independent auditors. Bitcoin mining is simply allowing your computer to be used as a node for the public ledger. It’s a topic worthy of its own what is xplosive ethereum blog post, but you should know that Bitcoin miners are rewarded with actual Bitcoin for their contributions. You could receive free Bitcoin without actually ever purchasing it. Bitcoin’s value is volatile; it is equally prone to massive spikes and drops in price.

what can you buy with bitcoins

Whether purchasing something or using bitcoin to add funds to an online account, the process is fairly similar across the board for using it. Click “Pay with bitcoin,” give the site your wallet information (often a QR code, especially if you’re doing this on mobile), confirm your information, and place the order. This can be done through companies like ShapeShift, https://cryptolisting.org/ which allow for digital cryptocurrency trading. Some desktop sites may also provide the wallet address for you to send bitcoins to. Intuit has also developed a system called PayByCoin to help more businesses accept bitcoin payments. Even cash apps like Cash App and Square are trying out bitcoin to see if this is something worth getting in on the ground floor.


Although Mr. Johnson said the company was always clear at checkout that the refund would match the dollar price of the item , people still complained, sometimes out of confusion, sometimes not. Finally, Microsoft quietly stopped accepting bitcoin sometime in the last 18 months. BitPay partners with business across almost every industry to facilitate cryptocurrency payments. You can buy domain names, pay for web hosting, maintain servers, and leverage VPNs all with your preferred cryptocurrency and wallet. BitPay partners with NameCheap, ExpressVPN, HOSTKEY, Nexusguard, and many other providers to give you the freedom of paying for your web services with crypto. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be used to buy a growing range of products and services.

And the popular payment app Square is rolling out Bitcoin marketplace options that may allow customers to purchase products and services with cryptocurrency. Finally, the payment processor Stripe allows companies to integrate a Bitcoin payment form right into their websites. Google Pay allows users to store debit/credit card and/or bank account routing information in their devices for seamless online transactions. When using Google Pay with CEX.IO’s products and services, you control which forms of payment Google Pay will use to process your crypto transactions. Plus, Google Pay transactions are fast and secure, while offering no hidden fees.

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That way, you get peace of mind and accessibility no matter how or when you choose to buy crypto. The easiest way to buy anything with bitcoin is to use a crypto debit card. While you spend crypto, the retailer receives fiat money as payment. Crypto debit cards partner with payment-processing giants like Mastercard and Visa to ensure that these transactions occur seamlessly.

While life insurance is still off-limits, insurance providers have begun accepting premium payments using bitcoin for other products in their portfolios. The second is that cryptocurrency is no longer confined to an obscure corner of the financial services industry. The crypto exchange platform Coinbase’s public listing, new price records, and positive mentions by regulators and policymakers are proof of its potential. If you’re looking to grab a quick bite or book yourself a nice dinner, you may be able to use your Bitcoin funds to do so. Starbucks, Burger King, and select Subway locations all accept Bitcoin as payment, and you can also buy gift cards with your crypto to pay for takeout via Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Deliveroo. That’s right; you can now even buy a simple cup of coffee using Bitcoin.

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